compatibility and features

Strong performance
Lesser performance
+ Gantry Readers A
+ Gantry Readers A
+ Smart In-road Sensors B
Performs at speeds up to 180km/h
Designed for lane width of 3.6 metres
Identify single vehicles for verification (6m)
Offline data tamper detection (ISO/IEC 20248)
Identify plate migration (when RAIN Plate + RAIN Label combined)
Detect vehicles straddling lanes
Recognises the lane each vehicle is travelling in
Radio signal interference detection (GSM, GPS, WAVE…)
Detect reported stolen, false, expired & unregistered plates
Detect shock and vibration
  • RAIN: ISO/IEC 18000-63 and ISO/IEC 29167 and the secure data structure: ISO/IEC 20248.
  • A) Overhead reader height of up to 6 metres
  • B) Smart in-road sensor reads vehicle front and rear RAIN Plates with a single antenna and is deployable on all sealed roads


The fleetVALID research is using the commercially available IDePLATE and IDeSTIX RAIN products for these result. For information on these products please go to the UTSCH TÖNNJES International AG (UTI) website:

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