Positive vehicle identification

The RAIN 1 based Positive Vehicle Identification (PVI) systems include RAIN license plates and RAIN windscreen labels and three types of readers. The RAIN license plates use a passive RFID tag as an integral part of the plate. The RAIN windscreen label includes a passive tag, barcode, holographic and tamper-resistant security features.

Reader types; an overhead reader, a hand-held reader, and a smart in-road sensor (the research project). The smart in-road sensor will contain radar, vibration, shock and emissions sensors to classify and detect a vehicle without a tag. This data can be integrated with current imaging technologies.

1 The RAIN technologies are standardised as ISO/IEC 18000-63 and ISO/IEC 29167

The fleetVALID™ concept may assist with:

  • Congestion Management (Road planning, building and operation)
  • Pollution Management
  • Road Safety
  • Revenue Raising (Road User Charging, Tolling, Congestion Charging…)
  • Registration and Permit Compliance

The concept uses a fully secure and interoperable data standard (ISO/IEC 20248) which ensures seamless integration with other Intelligent Transport and Internet of Things systems, fully supporting safe and efficient transport networks.

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